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A Beautiful Country Barn Wedding in Devon

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Made for each other

I’m not sure I could find two people more suited to one another. Jasmin, a beautiful, kind and sweet woman. Sam, a friendly, handsome, caring gentleman. Together – fireworks!! These two have been together for around 5 years and were set up by a mutual friend on a blind date (good work there mutual friend!!). Neither of them knew it was a blind date but as you can gather, it went very well!

A labour of love

They have been renovating their cottage together over the last two years. I remember when Jasmin enquired with me and told me about their house, it sounded like it was in desperate need of rebuilding, with Jasmin and Sam carrying out the majority of the work! I was so pleased to hear they were able to move in just before they got married.

That darn C Word…

Jasmin and Sam had originally planned to marry on 1st August 2020 but as we all know too well, due to the C word (no, not Christmas!!) that didn’t happen. They postponed to 17th July 2021 and what a day they had, beaming hot sunshine (it drizzled on their original date!) and no restrictions on number of guests. The married in a quaint church in their local village of Butterleigh and carried on their celebrations at Jasmin’s parents house at Waygate Farm.

Wow, wow, wow

I was blown away by the effort they had made turning their barn into a reception venue. They had created games to play (cornhole, skittles, coconut shy), Jasmins students had created bunting with pictures of their wedding day (so cute!!), all the flowers were grown and picked by Jasmin and her family and the barn was completely decorated by them!

It’s time to wed!!

Jasmin travelled to the church in a 1950’s yellow and white type 2 VW camper van, driven by Sam’s Dad. The van has been in the family for quite some time, Jasmin and Sam had even taken a road trip holiday in it.

A number of wedding guests laid out their picnic blankets and lined the path of the church to listen to the ceremony playing through speakers set up outside, as the church was too small to cater for everyone.

The beautiful service was given by their Vicar, Justin - what made it even more special was this was Justin's first wedding to officiate! You wouldn't have known, he rocked it! He gave a genuine, heart warming service for J&S, which was so fitting for these two lovely people.

Let’s party

We headed back to the farm but not before stopping by a few scenic places around the grounds, which included a hammock stop, beautiful wild meadows and their fallen tree (named Hangara) which is amazingly still alive!

I didn’t want to leave!

My time with Jasmin and Sam ended when they sat down for their wedding breakfast but I so wish I could have stayed for evening celebrations. From the photos and videos I have seen, it looked like such a fun night!!

Jasmin & Sam, thank you so, SO much for trusting me to capture your memories. I hope your photos were everything you had hoped and more. It was such a pleasure getting to know you both and your families, I left feeling like I had known you all for years.

Please keep in touch.

All the best to you both for a long, happy future together as husband and wife.

Kay x


The Fabulous Wedding Suppliers;

Venue: Waygate Farm

Dress: Kate Walker Bridal

Flowers: Clum Florist

Cake: various family contributions

Hair: Sisters friend, Abi Marsh

Make up: Justine Olver

Catering: Camilla's Creative Cookery

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