Julie & Tony

River Cottage HQ, Axminster

“If you are reading this and wondering wether to hire Kayleigh as your wedding photographer - THEN DO IT! If you are sceptical - read on - health warning this is a long review!

What else can I say ….. well firstly she takes the most amazing creative, natural shots I have ever seen. She captures the tiny moments others don’t see and it’s genius!

We didn’t want to spend hours posing for photos on our big day but we did want to capture the joy of the occasion with family and good friends. If this is how you feel then Kayleigh is for you. And book her for the whole day not just a few hours as I did. Trust me you really will not be disappointed.

Secondly - she is a genuinely kind caring gorgeous person and I say this for a reason. Our wedding at River Cottage in Devon didn’t quite go to plan. My partner had to be rushed to hospital on the morning of the wedding ( Friday 13th August) - yep you couldn’t make it up! Without boring you with the details - on his insistence and after visiting him in hospital, the wedding reception for 50 went ahead without the groom! I had stood Kayleigh down knowing there was to be no actual wedding and that she had a gruelling schedule of 5 weddings in 5 days - but she insisted on coming, persuading me that taking photos of couples etc would be nice for all as we had travelled so far from home etc etc- We were both so glad she persuaded me!

She met me in the bedroom at River Cottage with a bouquet of flowers and a big hug and then quietly went about her work. That night after driving 2 hours home editing photos and putting her son to bed, she sent me the preview of the photos so I could send them to my partner in hospital to cheer him up. The end result was the most beautiful set of photographs - bitter sweet in some ways but they show her talent and the beautiful setting and our friends and family sentiments so so well. Kayleigh checked in with me at regular intervals during the next few weeks and despite having such a busy month - asking how the groom was getting on and sending her best wishes.

In case you are wondering - the story does have a happy ending. My partner has made a full recovery and we finally got married on 29th September in a small very emotional ceremony in Shropshire near where we live. Sadly it was too far and short notice for Kayleigh to take the photos but she did ask to see the ones our friend took and sent her heart felt congratulations!

A truly talented photographer with a big heart. I defy you to find anyone better!”

Julie & Tony